• Salvador Dalí. Framed Enamel "Persistence of Memory"

    Ref. 696
    Reproduction of one of the most famous works of Salvador Dalí, artisanally produced by applying several layers of varnish on a foil. Elegant wooden frame exclusive for Surrealism Store and Llibreria Surrealista.
    • Wood Framed Enamel
    • 14,8x18,7 cm / 5.83x7.36 in
    • Iconic Salvador Dalí's Painting
    • Available in two colors
    Dimensiones: 25 x 18 x 3 cm Peso: 180 gr
    19,00 €
  • Description

    Melting clocks are without a doubt the most iconic image of Salvador Dalí, along with his mustaches and long-legged elephants. The first time Dalí painted these clocks was in the painting "The Persistence of Memory" (1931), which belongs to the collection of the MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
    British art historian Dawn Adès explains its meaning: "The soft watches are an unconscious symbol of the relativity of space and time, a Surrealist meditation on the collapse of our notions of a fixed cosmic order".

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