• Dalí, Parfum de Toilette

    Les Parfums de Salvador Dalí

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    Salvador Dali dedicated this fragrance to Gala, the love of his life and eternal muse. So, the scent is a floral bouquet of jasmine and rose, Gala's favorite flower. A feminine fragrance with character, created in the purest tradition of opulent floral Chypre perfumes. Olfactory notes: Frankincense...
    • Parfum de Toilette for Woman
    • Bottle-sculpture by Salvador Dalí
    • Available in 3 sizes
    Peso: 450 gr
    90,00 €
  • Recommended product

    "As Dali said "The perfume is the best messenger of the memories and happiness". Now you have the opportunity to infuse your skin with the sensuality of the Parfum de toilete Dalí and immerse yourself in the power of this of this intensely feminine aroma."

  • Description

    For Dali perfume is a form of artistic expression located between art and fashion.

    "Between the five senses, smell is, without doubt, the one that  best expresses the idea of immortality"

    The Parfum de toilette Dali is the most famous both for its emotional value -was created for Gala, the great love of Salvador Dali- as per the design of the bottle.
    A Dali perfume masterpiece, inspired by the voluptuous lips and regal nose of the goddess Aphrodite whose portrait Dalí made eternally famous on his painting "Portrait of Aphrodite of Knidos in a Landscape".
    Do you want to share the immortality of the great genius with its most emblematic perfume?