• The Illustrated Biography of Salvador Dali

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    This biography illustrated with more than 150 photographs, many of which unpublished, will allow the reader to discover the character of Salvador Dalí, one of the greatest art geniuses of the 20th century.
    • 1st Edition: Dos de Arte, 2018
    • 160 pages
    • 21x17x1.3 cm
    • English Edition
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  • Description

    This biography on Salvador Dalí covers the career of one of the great artistic icons of all time. The work unveils the most significant episodes in Dalí's fascinating life, while it provides the keys to understand the thought-provoking, creative universe of this genius of the art world. 

    The book goes into detail about the most unknown aspects of his life and delves into the relationship of the painter with the people that marked his life and his career, such as Gala, who would become his muse and his wife.