• Psicodálico Dalí

    Luis Romero

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    The definitive biography of Salvador Dalí with over 350 illustrations, including paintings, drawings and photographs, many of which are unpublished.
    • Book in Spanish
    • 1st. Edition: September 1991
    • 320 pages
    • 29,3x24,5 cm
    • Hardcover
    Peso: 2200 gr
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    "An indispensable book for anyone who wants to know the real Dalí."

  • Description

    Biography illustrated with more than 350 paintings, drawings and photographs, many of them unpublished, written by the famous writer and personal friend of Salvador Dalí Luis Romero, winner of prestigious literary awards including Nadal, Planeta and Ramon Llull. Since the proximity that provides a friendship of many years, Romero unveils an intimate and little known Dali, far from the histrionic character that unfolded in front of the media, but without avoiding the most controversial aspects of his life .