• Dalí Tarot, book and cards

    Study of the meaning of the cards by Johannes Fiebig

    Ref. 613500300
    The mysticism and magic of the great genius in your hands, the complete set of 78 cards designed by Salvador Dalí accompanied by a book with the interpretation of the cards by Johannes Fiebig, renowned German author of books on tarot.
    • Multilingual Edition: English, German and French
    • 78 cards plus a 184 pages book in a velvet box
    • 34.6x20.5 cm
    • Taschen, 2019
    Dimensiones: 40 x 25 x 7 cm Peso: 2000 gr
    50,00 €
  • Recommended product

    "Dare to play interpreting the Tarot cards and discover the message they give you or simply admire the images painted by the great Salvador Dalí. The richness of the illustrations, the combination of colors, the collage of the drawings make this Tarot a work of art."

  • Description

    Dalí's tarot was first published in 1984, Salvador Dalí made 78 illustrations, one for each tarot card. This work bears the personal seal of the great genius and most likely the mysticism it reflects is the result of the influence of Gala, his wife and muse.

    He painted himself on the magician's card, with his face next to the famous melting clock.

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