• Salvador Dalí. Framed Enamel "Seated Girl"

    Ref. 696
    Reproduction of one of the most famous works of Salvador Dalí, artisanally produced by applying several layersof varnish on a foil. Elegant wooden frame exclusive for Surrealism Store and Llibreria Surrealista.
    • Wood Framed Enamel
    • 18,7x14,8 cm / 7.36x5.83 in
    • Iconic Salvador Dalí's Painting
    • Available in two colors
    Dimensiones: 25 x 18 x 3 cm Peso: 180 gr
    28,00 €
  • Description

    In 1925 Salvador Dalí painted two portraits of his sister Anna Maria, which have undoubtedly passed into the history of art. One is the "Girl at the window" and the other is this "Seated Girl" who served as the cover for the painter's first exhibition at the Dalmau Galleries in Barcelona. If Gala was Dalí's great muse from 1929 on, the first undisputed female protagonist of his paintings is Anna Maria Dalí.