• Salvador Dalí. Framed Enamel "Soft Watch Exploding"

    Ref. 696
    Reproduction of one of the most famous works of Salvador Dalí, artisanally produced by applying several layers of varnish on a foil. Elegant wooden frame exclusive for Surrealism Store and Llibreria Surrealista.
    • Wood Framed Enamel
    • 14,9x17,7 cm // 5.87x6.97 in
    • Iconic Salvador Dalí's Painting
    • Available in two colors
    Dimensiones: 25 x 18 x 3 cm Peso: 180 gr
    28,00 €
  • Description

    In 1954 Salvador Dalí painted this new version of a melting clock, which in this case explodes, taking another step in the hard-soft relationship he had begun in the "Persistence of Memory". This work is known with two titles: "Soft Watch Exploding in 888 Particles after Twenty Years of Total Immobility" or "Soft Watch at the Time of its First Explosion"