• Poster Imperial Monument to the Child-Woman, 1929

    Salvador Dalí

    Ref. 11810000
    This is the first great work that Dalí dedicated to Gala, the woman-child. Undoubtedly one of the capital paintings of the surrealist period.
    • Salvador Dali's poster
    • Surrealism
    • 68x34,5 cm
    Dimensiones: 45 x 10 x 10 cm Peso: 1000 gr
    12,00 €
  • Description

    In the picture Imperial Monument to the Woman-Child we see many of the obsessions that persecuted Dalí in the years of the greatest surreal effervescence, like the lions, a soft monster taken from the Great Masturbator, the feared father figure, numerous allusions to sexuality and a first appearance of the famous couple of the Angelus of Millet that later would become an icon of the Dalinian imagery.