• Clovers Cyanotype

    Ref. 807
    Cyanotype is a process of artisanal photographic development that was invented in the 19th century with which you get photograms of a powerful blue color.
    • Ancient photographic technique
    • 18x24 cm
    • On Watercolor Paper
    • Presented in a polypropylene bag
    Dimensiones: 30 x 24 x 1 cm Peso: 100 gr
    20,00 €
  • Description

    Cyanotype is an ancient photography technique that provides unique images that cannot be repeated. The procedure consists of sensitizing a sheet of paper with a mixture of chemicals, placing the object to be reproduced on it - in this case they are plant motifs - and leaving it for a while to be printed in the sun or in any another source of ultraviolet light. It is then rinsed with water to remove chemical residues and left to dry in a dark place so that the blue color is revealed with all its intensity. The result is a negative image on a background of a blue color, known as Prussian blue.